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What You Will Need:

1. Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone
2. Access to the internet (Google chrome is the preferred the web browser)
3. Valid email address (that parent uses)
4. Valid credit/debit card
5. Warm drink (optional)


The information you provide when filling out your online application will be the only information the registration office will have to communicate with you throughout the year/summer. It is therefore imperative that all info such as phone numbers, email addresses etc. is 100% accurate.

A space will not be secured for your daughter if there are any unpaid balances from summers previously spent at Camp Emunah. If a new application is filled out, and a deposit is made, the money will be applied to previous invoices. Please contact the registration office to settle any past due balances before attempting to apply for summer 5780

When choosing the grade your child is in, click on the one she is currently attending and completing in June. (ex 6th Grader means that she is currently in 6th grade – not what grade she will be in next year)

How To Register:

Returning familes

Returning families sign into your account and skip to step 3. (If you forgot your password you can reset it by clicking on the little word “forgot?” in the password field)

Step 1 Create Account

All first time families must create a family account using a valid email address. To create an account, simply fill in the 4 required fields under where it says “Create an account” on the bottom half of registration page, and then click “SUBMIT”.

Step 2 Verify Email Address

Upon clicking “SUBMIT” and creating your account, a verification link will be sent to your account’s email address. Sign into your email, click on the link, and you will be brought straight into the “My Family Profile” page of registration.

Note: The link will only work one time. Once your email address is verified, you will be able to login into your account from the registration page under where it says “Login”.

Step 3 Create / Edit Family Profile

The “My Family Profile” page will ask for the following information:
· Home address and phone number
· Parents’ info
· Emergency contact info
This information will only be collected once and can be used to register multiple campers/staff of the same family from year to year.

When done, click “CREATE/UPDATE PROFILE” on the bottom.

Step 4 Enter Credit Card Info

Click on the “Cards” on the top of the screen and enter required credit card information. When done, click on “ADD CARD”

Step 5 Add child

Click on the “Children” icon and fill out all required fields:
· Upload recent picture of child
· Child’s name
· Child’s birthday
· Child’s School
· Child’s Grade
When finished, click “Add child” at the bottom right of the window.

Step 6 Confirm Info, Select Program,

Click on “START APPLICATION” and double check that the information entered is correct before clicking “CONFIRM INFORMATION”. Then, choose your desired program and session by clicking “SELECT PROGRAM”. Click next

Step 8 Agree to Terms, Process application and Deposit

You will see a list of registration terms. Carefully read through and agree to all these terms to continue. After you agree to all terms and conditions and select credit card for deposit Click “PROCESS APPLICATION” to submit your application and pay the deposit.

Step 8 Request Shluchim Scholarship / Shluchim discount, or skip

Applicants who do not require a Scholarship or Shluchim Discount can simply ignore this step.

Applicants who require a Scholarship or Shluchim Discount can make their request by clicking “REQUEST SCHOLARSHIP” after they finish submitting application.

After filling in all required fields, the Summer Food Service Program Form will need to be downloaded by clicking “DOWNLOAD”, sign, scan or take picture of document and then uploaded by clicking “SELECT FILE”.

Please Note: There is a limited number of Scholarships available. bypassing the scholarship request, may forfeit your opportunity to receive any discount for Summer 5780.

For your convenience, the SFSP is filled out automatically when you answer the questions on the scholarship page. Please review after your download to make sure all the info is correct so that it will be ready to upload when applying for a scholarship.

Step 9 Confirmation Emails

You will receive two separate confirmations emails. The first email will confirm that your application has been submitted and is being reviewed. The second email will confirm that your credit card was successfully charged the deposit.

Please keep both emails for your records.

Step 10 Smile!!!

Smile because your daughter is about to have the summer camp experience of a lifetime in the hands of the world’s greatest staff!