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Gut Yom Tov from BJJ! shutter

17 Images / August 4 2016

Gut Yom Tov! Gut Yom Tov! Yom Tov day on Teen Camp is definitely one of the days we look forward to all year. We started off by receiving the Torah at our mini Har Sinai and enjoyed a delicious meal of pancakes and ice cream. After shiur and workshops we returned to the dining room to celebrate Chanuka with the lighting of the menorah and scrumptious latkes. Through out the day we jumped from Yom Tov to Yom Tov. Using our creativity to Make hamantashen and decorate doughnuts. We enjoyed Simchas Torah Musical Chairs and Rosh Hashana Races. As evening came, it was time to celebrate Pesach with a seder BJJ style. Bubby and Zaidy made a surprise appearance to listen to each bunks Ma Nishtana Performance. Parade Paradin join together hand in hand... And of course we can't forget about Lag Baomer! So for the first time in BJJ history we hosted The Great Parade. We said Pesukim, enjoyed the counselor marching band and even had some surprise performances from Benny Friedman, Uncle Moishy, an d our very own clowns and chickens!! After the parade we winded down with a Lag Baomer bonfire and Kumzitz - till next year BJJ! Good Yom Tov!

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