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The Camp

Camp Emunah was established in 1953 by Rabbi Yaakov Yehuda OB”M along with his wife Rebbitzen Chave Hecht who has been serving as its director since its inception. They started Camp Emunah as a division of the NCFJE. Rabbi JJ Hecht was the first to open a girl’s overnight camp in the world of Lubavitch.

Camp Emunah had the great honor of having the Lubavitcher Rebbe visit camp on three separate occasions. The camp has been conducted on the teachings and guidance of the Rebbe since it was founded.

The same grounds are still being used today and constantly being updated to fit the needs of its staff and campers. Camp Emunah quickly became one of the largest and greatest of its kind. They accepted tens of thousands of Jewish girls from all different Jewish backgrounds. They established an open door policy where everyone feels accepted and they work hard to preserve those values today, six decades later. There is a strong spirit of camaraderie amongst the campers and staff. For two months of the summer, Emunah becomes a family. It provides a place for Jewish girls to have a fun filled summer experience and create childhood memories that last a lifetime.

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The Grounds

Camp Emunah is nestled in the Catskill mountains in Greenfield Park, New York. Its location provides fresh air and great weather for a summer camp. The property spans over 300 acres and has access to a beautiful 7 acre lake, water fall and stream.

The grounds are covered in grass, trees and flowers that offer a great natural setting for the summer. There are so many things that have been built at Camp Emunah to ensure plenty of activities and fun for its campers.

There are two outdoor pools for swimming and water fun. If you like playing sports, we have so much to offer, three tennis courts, two volleyball courts, two basketball courts, a hockey court and even gag pitsf!

Camp Emunah has 3 playgrounds, two trampolines, a 300 ft. zip line and a rock climbing wall as well. There are so many things to do at Camp beyond the planned activities and trips. Our grounds accommodate every type of camper and provide safe and fun amenities to ensure a wonderful summer.

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The Junior Division

The Junior division is for girls between 3rd and 7th grade. Each program is catered to the needs of its particular age group. Months of planning goes into arranging trips and activities to create a summer packed with fun things to do. Camp Emunah has been the source of sixty summers of smiles and continues to do just that. The campers have a variety of things to do in camp. There is swimming, hiking and sports. There are also lots of workshops like Zumba, art, dance and baking. Each camper’s day is filled with so many different things to experience.

The following are the subdivisions by grade:

  • 3rd and 4th grade: “ E.G.G”- Emunah’s Greatest Girls
  • 5th grade: “E.S.P”- Extra Special People
  • 6th grade: “B.M.D”- Bas Mitzvah Division
  • 7th Grade: “V.I.P”- Very Important People

At Camp Emunah, it is not only about the fun and activities. It is also about ensuring its campers with a summer of growth in all areas. We encourage girls to make new friends and establish unity within their bunks and divisions. We provide a place for growth in yiddishkeit and chassidishkeit with daily davening and learning. Our staff members make sure to be living examples of what is expected of a bas chabad. They make certain that there is a warm and friendly environment so that everyone feels that they belong. We make sure to create a big happy Emunah family, so your daughter always feels that Camp Emunah is her home away from home!

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BJJ Teen Camp

Bnos Yaakov Yehuda was established in 1991 in honor of Rabbi Yaakov Yehuda Hecht after his passing. While there were many camps for girls in elementary school, there was nothing out there for teens to learn and grow within a summer camp atmosphere. BJJ was a pioneer in creating a meaningful and fun summer experience. Teen camp is a program geared towards the needs of 8th and 9th graders. There is an environment that encourages girls to grow, learn and really come into themselves. It allows the campers to come to camp to experience a summer that is fun-filled and fused with chassidishe values at the same time. Bnos Yaakov Yehuda helps girls grow strong connections to yiddishkeit with love. At the end of the summer, girls are sad to leave BJJ knowing that it is a once in a lifetime experience.

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Emunah Culinary Camp

New Camp Emunah Culinary division the first of its kind offers a four-week overnight camping program for young ladies in 9th and 10th grades.

As there is currently a lack of summer camping options for high school age girls, the introduction of this new division will be a welcome alternative for an underserved demographic, Camp Emunah is an organization offering new and inventive programs for young ladies.

In addition to the regular summer activities and trips common to the summer camping experience, the Culinary Camp will concentrate on a new area of culinary arts

Traveling Shluchos Program

Camp Emunah’s Tenth Grade Traveling Shluchos Program provides an excellent, educational opportunity, combined with the ultimate in recreation.

Your daughter will have the opportunity to meet and interact with Shluchim and Shluchos in varied communities on the West Coast – large and small.

Hearing from the Shluchim and Shluchos, and their Chabad House participants, as well as spending most inspiring Shabbosos in Chabad Houses, will give your daughter insight and understanding in the great Shlichus world established by the Rebbe. The girls will get an understanding of how Shluchim connect to the Rebbe through their work. Participation in this program plants the seeds in its participants to follow in similar paths in their future lives.

In past summers, this powerful, educational experience was combined with a chance to raft, dune, sail, mountain climb, enjoy tourist attractions and theme parks, visit Mexico, and much more!

Each day has its davening, learning, interaction with Shluchim, and the unique touring opportunity available in that particular city.

This is a rigorous, highly enjoyable, and exceptionally inspiring summer program.

The Camp Emunah Tenth Grade Traveling Shluchos Program is directed and led by Rebbetzin Hecht. It is coordinated and supervised by Mrs. Goldie Gansbourg, and a superb staff of experienced, dedicated counselors.

This special program was created by, and coordinated for many years through, Rabbi Shaya Gansbourg, zichrono livrocho. The trip is now l’illyui nishmaso.

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Sunshine Circle

At Camp Emunah we strive to welcome everybody, even if a particular camper needs an extra hand from time to time. Our Sunshine Circle program was created to provide girls who have special needs with a safe and exciting place to spend their summer. Our sunshine circle campers are completely integrated and partake in all of the activities that the rest of camp does. Each camper has their own personal counselor to make sure that she is watched over and taken care of. Sunshine Circle has a complete handicap accessible bunk house that includes air conditioning and handicap bathrooms. It is outfitted with everything that is needed to make your child feel safe and comfortable. We work very hard to establish an open door policy that is inclusive to everyone. We cannot wait to have you join our circle, and experience a wonderful summer!

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